Fundamental Big Data Analysis & Science

Module 4
Fundamental Big Data Analysis & Science

This course provides an in-depth overview of essential topic areas pertaining to data science and analysis techniques relevant and unique to Big Data with an emphasis on how analysis and analytics need to be carried out individually and collectively in support of the distinct characteristics, requirements and challenges associated with Big Data datasets.

The following primary topics are covered:

  • Data Science, Data Mining & Data Modeling
  • Big Data Dataset Categories
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) (including numerical summaries, rules & data reduction)
  • EDA analysis types (including univariate, bivariate & multivariate)
  • Essential Statistics (including variable categories & relevant mathematics)
  • Statistics Analysis (including descriptive, inferential, correlation, covariance & hypothesis testing)
  • Data Munging & Machine Learning
  • Variables & Basic Mathematical Notations
  • Statistical Measures & Statistical Inference
  • Distributions & Data Processing Techniques
  • Data Discretization, Binning, Clustering
  • Visualization Techniques & Numerical Summaries
  • Correlation for Big Data
  • Time Series Analysis for Big Data

Duration: 1 Day

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Module 4 Self-Study GuideModule 4
Self-Study Guide

Doing Data Science Doing Data Science Text Book
Analysis SupplementAnalysis Supplement

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Part I
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Part II
Audio Tutor CD 3 Exam PreparationAudio Tutor CD 3
Exam Preparation
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This course corresponds to Exam B90.04, which is required for the following certifications:

Vendor-Neutral Topic Overview

Note that all BDSCP course modules are focused on vendor-neutral Big Data topics and therefore do not provide detailed coverage of any vendor-specific platforms or technologies. BDSCP courses are intentionally authored this way so as to provide an unambiguous and objective understanding of Big Data practices and technology that can be further complemented with product-specific training.

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